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            Jiangsu CTFH Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a global high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise with a variety of varieties. As one of the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in China, We produce a variety of API products that are exported to many foreign countries and regions.


            In the past two years, CTFH's new API project is an important layout for the company's transformation and upgrading under the new situation. Starting from project planning and design, strictly follow the latest and strictest environmental protection standards and safety requirements, adopt international advanced raw material production technology, support modern automated production control systems. We independently produce main raw materials, open up upstream and downstream industrial chains, and solidly promote green high-tech and quality development.



            At present, the main varieties of APIs: Fructose, Allantoin, Fudosteine, Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride, Edaravone, Linezolid, Esomeprazole Sodium, Polaprezinc, Racecadotril , Zinc Sulfate, etc.



            Jiangsu CTFH welcomes domestic and foreign customers to consult!




                yefeng1_2@163.com 葉先生

            gavinzhaoxinwei@yeah.net 趙先生

                6089185@qq.com 董先生 


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